Special Forklift Training on Industry Competitive Rates

The forklift training that we are providing is precisely in line with the standards set by the government. Once you have figured out what kind of forklift that you want to train for, you can get more information on it from our always available staff. We are offering individual forklift training as well as group forklift training to cater the needs of everyone. This training can turn out to be extremely beneficial for your career in the future. Every year there are so many accidents related to forklifts throughout the UK. That is exactly what we are trying to minimise by providing you forklift training that is accredited and all inclusive.

The content of our forklift training

We have different kinds of forklifts that you might want to train for depending upon your job requirement. Each of our forklift training courses include:

  • A thorough introduction to the subject.
  • Basic forklift training which include manoeuvring practice.
  • Mock-up practical and theoretical tests.
  • An insight and knowledge of the machinery.
  • Loading, unloading and parking skills.

Apart from all these things, there is so much more included in the forklift training that we offer. By the time you are ready to certify, you will have the industry knowledge and all you need to become an expert.

We also offer refresher forklift training

Refresher forklift training is where you need to undergo a training to ensure that you are still certified to work as a forklift operator. The company that you are working with might require you to undergo this training annually to ensure workplace safety and avoid potential accidents.

Kinds of forklifts that we train for

Wide varieties of forklifts are used on various occasions depending upon the nature of the task. We are offering forklift training for:

  • Counterbalance forklifts

    This forklift is amazing when it comes to balancing load. It is also the most common kind of forklift that is used across the UK.

  • Reach truck forklifts

    When it comes to safety, a reach truck forklift is the best one there is. It is functioned to only move once the load that you are carrying is properly secured in place.

  • Side loader forklifts

    Great for wide spaces, it is a forklift that moves in all four directions instead of just forward and backwards. It gives you a nice wide platform to easily work with.