Enrol for a Fast-Paced and Intense PCV Bus Driver Training

We seriously believe that the pace and nature of our PCV bus driver training matters a lot because if we go at a severely slow pace and with utter useless material throughout our training, we will not only put our students in jeopardy but also our role in the society in danger as well. What makes our PCV bus driver training different is the fact that we have divided it into various sections so you grasp every bit of knowledge provided to you easily. In other words we give you enough time to absorb what’s coming your way before taking things further.

Learn about PCV bus driver training license categories

The choices of vehicles our students want to drive vary from person to person. In order to provide precise PCV bus driver training to our students, we offer the following license category training.

  • CAT D1

    With this license you can drive a minibus with the seating capacity of 18. The bus should not exceed 8 meters. You will also be allowed to tow a trailer up to 750 kg.

  • CAT D1+E

    This license allows you to do pretty much everything that a CAT D1 license does except for the fact that you can tow a heavier trailer than 750 kg.

  • CAT D

    This license is suitable for everyone who wants to drive a bus or a coach that has a seating capacity of 16 with a trailer of 750 kg.

  • CAT D+E

    This license is to drive the largest available buses and coaches with trailers exceeding 750 kg.

You can select the category that suits you the best according to your job requirement and interests.

3 Easy Requirements

No, our PCV bus driver training does not require you to hold formal degrees and certificates. With the following 3 easy steps you are good to enrol.

  1. You must be at least 18 years of age.
  2. You must not have any physical or mental disabilities.
  3. You must hold a valid driver’s license.

Financial assistance & employment

We are offering PCV training on industry competitive rates so anyone can afford it quite easily. We are also offering a 0% interest rate funding option with which you can continue your training and pay once you are done. Our instructors help you collectively and guide you through the PCV bus driver jobs in the UK.